How to block websites on Firefox

block firefox

By using Firefox “fox-filter”

Its usual for many of the parents to think about restricting the non sense/porn websites which may be visited by their children accidentally or by intention.
It also brings head ache to small software company owners as their employees are much more interested in social networking than their work during office hours!

If these are the cases, there is a solution for this problem, as we already have explained in other articles we can restrict the websites accessibility on the computer by including security files into the c drive. But this is not so easy for everyone to hang on with. So the easiest way to get this done is by adding a “Firefox add on”.

There are many add-on available not only for Firefox but for all browsers. Just find them by searching on the browser add on page. Here we are prescribing one of those add-ons. Which we think to be the most affordable one.

Visit the link below to download this add-on (fox-filter) :

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