A Review of the Google Chromebook


Google products have been changing the landscape in subtle, yet significant ways. The company’s biggest milestone has perhaps been Android. It’s risen to become the biggest mobile platform of our time, and there is no end of this dominion in sight. It has, for some part, driven Google’s ambition at establishing itself as a complete service provider, reaching out to horizons that others have not ventured before, as evident from the Google ChromeBook.

The PC world has been weakening with each passing year, with reduced desktop sales in favor of tablets instead. With so many services being available in the web, the need for bulky computers has dwindled, and Google has drawn from this, by engineering a unique Chrome OS that works in the cloud.

The Chromebook as the Chrome OS powered laptop is called runs on web applications, so it’s an unconventional kind of system. It is unburdened by many software features, as the only thing it needs is an internet connection for access to all of Google’s proprietary services, such as Gmail and Google Drive.

The Chromebook

Google does not manufacture its own hardware, so for the Chromebook, you have the options of Samsung, Acer and HP. The Samsung Chromebook has an 11” display, while the one from HP has a more ample one at 14”. Despite the different manufacturers, what you get is essentially the same product- a laptop with Wi-Fi or mobile network support. There isn’t a lot of hard disk space storage on offer, as the computer is designed to work in the cloud, where all provisions are, including storage.

The Chromebook is an ideal product for a user who only needs a computer to surf the web and carry out some simple tasks. The Chrome OS is based on Google’s own Chrome Browser, so as you can imagine, surfing the internet with it is a pleasure. Google Docs will meet your simple office work. As for other applications, you have the Google Play Store, which should provide enough software for easy productivity tools.


Given the simple nature of the Chromebook, it does not have a very high asking price. For less than $300, the product can be yours, depending on which precise manufacturer you choose to buy from.

Admittedly, the Chrome OS feels rather unfamiliar when you first switch on the notebook. But then you are prompted to enter your Google account details and password. This will initiate the syncing process, setting up your Gmail account, Google Drive, Google Docs, and retrieving all your favorite bookmarks.

The Chromebook is targeted towards users who have simple computing needs, such as students. If you are out looking for a productivity computer for your home or office, you might want to continue your search, as Windows and Mac computers have a lot more to offer. But if you are on a tight budget, and want a fun, easy computer that is light and uncomplicated, you’ll be at home with the Chromebook. Just ensure that your data connection is strong because it’s the only way you’ll be able to explore all its capabilities.

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