android as business

Ways to Improve Your Android as a Business phone

android as business

Having an Android phone is not enough to say that you already have a telephone unit capable of integrating your RingCentralbusiness phone subscription. You need to know how this phone works and what features and services are necessary to transform it into a company phone. Below are a few tips to make your Android unit to a reliable business telephone.

Expect that a company phone will have all your business’ data including client profile, finance, and marketing. Thus, it is important to protect your phone. The good thing about Android is that you can create a pattern or a PIN so that only you can access your phone.

Another way to protect your phone is to acquire an antimalware application. Because of the amazing fast growth of Android, development of malware also increased. Getting an application like Lookout Mobile and DroidSecurity from AVG to protect your phone from viruses and to fix holes in its OS will surely be a great move to prevent hacking. Moreover, applications like SecureAuth and PhoneFactor offer you an IT protection that is more secure than an ordinary password-username combination because it uses a multifactor authentication system. Device Policy Application, on the other hand, will ensure that your business data stored in your Android phone is secured even when you lose your phone. It has security features like passwords, remote device swiping, data encryption, and pinging. Putting up this line of defense will protect your data stored from hackers, eavesdroppers, and snatchers.

An Android phone cannot be said to be a business phone is it does not have applications that can support and handle business transactions with ease. Make sure that your smartphone has applications such as Docs To Go or QuickOffice to help you in making letters, contracts, and presentations. Google Goggles is also another amazing application for business owners because it has the ability to scan business cards and translate text., on the other hand, will assist you in synching the files in your PC, laptop, and Android phone. Another helpful application for business owners on-the-go is the Cab4Me application which can get you cabs wherever you are.

Another technique to transform your Android phone to an ultimate business telephone is to make sure that it uses the latest Android version. Updating the system of your Android phone can be a daunting task and may take some time but the benefit it offers is greater than the waiting time you can experience. Updated versions make Android units faster and more responsive.

Android phones have a built-in WiFi tethering ability that converts 3G or HSDPA internet connection into a WiFi hotspot. This allows you to share mobile Internet minutes of your Android phone with your laptop, netbook, or tablet. Android units from HTC even have USB tethering capabilities. This allows you to save up on paying for an Internet connection because you can simply use your phone’s plan to connect to the web.

Not much of a Google fan but enjoys Android? That is not a problem because Android allows third-party applications which make mobile device management easier and better. Mobile Device Management (MDM) services make Android phones operate like a BlackBerry and BlackBerry Enterprise Server or BES at a fraction of a cost. With an MDM, you can

you can encrypt data in motion, partition corporate data, remotely wipe enterprise data off of handsets, and set role-based access rights.


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