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10 Design Tips That Will Take Your Blog to the Next Level

design your blog

Blogging and social networking are very popular ways of making money on the Web. Regardless of their kinds most blogs on the web are created in order to make money or to give some vital info about the blog owner. This is a well-known fact and there is nothing really special about it,  so I think we should highlight some tips which you cannot find easily on the web, and which really fundamental for blogging. Whether you are either an amateur or a professional. Today we will look at the features of a commercial blog, because of the above mentioned reasons. If you start a blog and spend time on it, it should bring you some profit. Here are the tips that in fact make the difference between a professional commercial blog and an amateur one.

I will tell you at once that these tips ate not a cure if followed separately one by one.

1)     The amount of blogs nowadays is vast. This means that making a completely unique one is an impossible task, so you will have to use a template. Using a template yet implies that you blog will be a bit alike others, and here your task is to make this template the template of your own so that it would look yours. The very first thing you have to start at is the top banner. It should be memorable and relevant to the general topics of your blog. Choose one carefully because it is the first thing that is seen when someone comes to your blog.

2)     Your blog should be personalized. This means that the first things to get rid of are the default template icons. They should be removed because both you and me have seen them millions of times, and we don’t care about the same-looking crappy blogs. We need one that will look really unique. So pay attention to it.

3)     Pay attention to the SEO ranking of the posts you are writing, and make an H1 title for each of them. This is made in order to achieve a better rank in search engines. Name your posts carefully and choose the name relevantly.

4)     Your logo and the title of your blog should be clickable. This is very important for two purposes: the first one is usability of your blog; it is very convenient when the title leads to the home page. The logo should also be present, and the most suitable variant is to draw a personal logo. For better result concerning this option, you should pay attention to reading html basics for a few days.

5)     During the search process users are looking not for the name of your blog – remember that. It means that putting the descriptors and post titles first is necessary according to SEO perspectives of your blog. WordPress actually has very convenient plugins for these purposes.

6)     RSS feeds should be vividly seen on the page of you blog. It is efficient to put them somewhere close to the top of the template you are using. Another good idea is to put them at the end of each post near the bottom. An attractive image and a clickable link are vital in both cases.

7)     Widgets are useless so get rid of them. Yet be careful, because some of them have a code that enables them to have relationships with other sites, and if their servers are down, the connection will be awful. Be careful here.

8)     Make a right inner linking in your blog. An ideal variant is a convenient well-looking menu somewhere near the banner which leads to your most popular posts, newsfeeds, FAQ, etc.

9)     The monitors of the past are gone, so let bygones be bygones. Make your blog easy-to-read on a big monitor because practically all users today are using big and wide monitors.

10)  Be careful with pictures. They are necessary because your blog should not look like a boring black-and-white newspaper. At the same time leave behind bright pictures like in a children’s book. Your blog should look serious and trustworthy. The amount of images should be somewhere in the middle, not too much, but they should be present. These pictures should be relevant to what you’re writing about, and moreover you should NAME them relevantly for the search engines to find them better.

The last thing I have to repeat is that you don’t have to use all these tips separately form one another, use them all. This means that if you are a novice you should study for some time and make something really good in the end. Be patient, and learn quickly from your mistakes, and don’t fail to monitor the traffic you have and correct your mistakes quickly if something goes wrong.


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