OLED or 4K: Which New TV Technology Is Best?

oled or 4k

Choosing a new television is more difficult than ever, as there are now different types of TV technology for you to consider. The most exciting of these are OLED and 4K, so which one is best? This debate is similar to the one about laptops vs. tablets and just as difficult to decide on.

To start with, we need to understand that OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diodes. This is a type of technology that is relatively new and which many manufacturers are still trying to find a way of producing in large volumes for reasonable prices. 4K – which is also known as Ultra High Definition and has been around for longer – can have over 8,000,000 pixels and resolution of around 3840 x 2160.

Areas Where OLED Wins

While the debate around which type of technology is better is subjective, there are some areas where OLED is generally considered to be better. For example, OLED TVs are judged to be more impressive in the way that they show the true colors of objects on screen and deeper, more accurate blacks. They also show more uniform images across the screen and are better when viewed from an angle.

As we can see, there are quite a few areas where OLED wins. This is due to the fact that each pixel is individually lit up means that the richness and the trueness of the full range of colors are hard to beat.

Areas Where 4K Wins

While it is clear that there are some points strongly in favor or OLED technology, there are also a number of areas where 4K televisions have the upper hand. In this respect, we can include the resolution, brightness, sharpness and image clarity. There is also the fact that some experts believe that 4k TVs will give more years of use than OLED models, although there is still some debate in this respect.

Again, there are plenty of areas where this model beats the rival technology. Anyone who has seen a 4K TV in action will already know how spectacular the performance it offers is. It has also been around for longer, meaning that people maybe trust it more, even if it doesn’t have quite the same air of novelty as OLED.

Overall Summary

Price is one area where both types of technology work out very similar. Both offer excellent quality but they aren’t cheap. Of course, prices may drop over the years as the technology becomes more established and widespread.

Bearing in mind the areas we have looked at previously, this means that it is a tough call if you want to say which type of television is best. It is easy to see how some people would choose OLED while others would go for 4K. The truth is that both are fantastic for enjoying quality shows with the likes of Directv premier packages.

It all comes down to personal preference in the end. If you have seen one of these technologies and been particularly impressed by it then you might view it as being ideal for you. For everyone else, it is probably a question of looking for the best deal at the current time.

Is It Time to Choose?

Both of these types of TV technology look as though they are here to stay. If we add in the fact that they are both pretty expensive, it is easy to see why not everyone is changing over right now. However, whenever you are able to do this you will discover an exciting new world of television with either type.

Sony Xperia C vs Micromax Canvas 4

sony vs micromax


Mid- range Smartphones in India

The mid- range smartphone section in India is the most cumbersome to choose from… There are an umpteen number of amazing phones in this budget range which is bound to get you confused. Sony has been rolling out new handsets to its customers, away from its primary smartphones, the company is producing more mid- range phones now. For many customers who want an enormous smartphone, there are still a lot of phones that come with a lower and easily affordable price range away from their usual principle handsets. Now they have released the Sony Xperia C. Sony Xperia was officially launched in India at a price of Rs. 21,490. Micromax has been successfully able to carve a niche for itself in the Indian smartphone arena as the best player that offers a value for its customer’s money. Micromax, with its aggressive pricing, has been wooing its customers The much awaited Micromax Canvas 4 is here and the brand has already been creating a lot of buzz. is already sending the buzz.  Brands like Sony, HTC, Micromax, and Samsung are coming out with one of the best mid- range smartphone.

Sony Xperia C

This smartphone from Sony is touted as the rival of Samsung Galaxy Grand. It is going to compete with the likes of Galaxy Grand, Micromax Canvas and yet-to-release LG Optimas Pro Lite. The sony xperia c price ranges from Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 20,000.  The Sony Xperia C comes in black, purple and white variants.

Micromax Canvas 4

Canvas 4 looks similar to Canvas HD and Canvas 2 in design and from a distance, it doesn’t look any different. But, on a closer look, you’ll find that it is more polished than the previous phones, though it still looks too plasticky like before. It looks like just another Android Smartphone but it’s still the best smartphone that Micromax has come out with. The Micromax Canvas 4 comes in two color variants, viz., grey and white. The Micromax Canvas price ranges from Rs. 17,990 to Rs. 19,990.

Comparing Sony Xperia C with Micromax Canvas 4

The Sony Xperia C and Canvas 4, both feature a 5 inch touch screen display at a resolution of 540×960 and 720×1280, respectively.

Both the smartphones are powered by the MediaTek MTK6589 quad core processor running at a clock speed of 1.2GHz and paired with 1GB of RAM to help you multitask.

Both of these run on the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system.

Sony Xperia C has an internal storage of 4GB with expansion possible of up to 32GB using a microSD card whereas Canvas 4 has an internal memory of 16GB.

The Sony Xperia C is a dual- SIM phone with dual standby, and it comes with an 8 megapixels rear camera with a Sony Exmor R sensor while on the front is a 0.3-megapixel camera and a camera function that takes voice commands and talks to you and helps you to improve the shot you are about to take. Canvas 4 comes with a 13 megapixels auto-focus camera. The camera features include face beauty. Smile shot, panorama, multi- angle, and an amazing feature is “Burst shot” that allows you to take 99 shots at one go!!

Sony Xperia C has a  2,330 mAh battery that  promises to givbe you up to 10 hours of  talktime and up to 588 hours of standby time. The 2000 mAhbattery of Micromax Canvas 4 lasts for more than a day in a standard usage.

Which phone should you go for

If you go by looks, then Sony Xperia C looks more swish and premium than Micromax Canvas 4. The phones are similar in most features but the Canvas 4 sure misses on some points. Except for the metal band that runs around its body, there’s nothing impressive about its looks. The “blow air” and “shake” to unlock feature is a misfire. You have to almost exert your lungs, before you unlock it.  The underwhelming features don’t seem to merit its price tag. On the other hand, Sony Xperia C comes fully loaded with appealing features and it also comes with six months of accidental damage cover along with free 1GB data access for the first two months after you buy it.

Laptops vs. Tablets: The Future of Computing

After the emergence of tablets it is observed that the sale of desktops and laptops has fallen down.  The Tablet is the advanced technology and offer loads of functions, sometimes even more than some laptops.  What is the need of a laptop when tablet offers the same functions at lesser prices? Are you happy living in the PC era? The answer will be, it depends. Every person uses technology as per their needs and some might satisfy their needs by a tablet alone. Here we are trying to decide which is better: Laptops or Tablets.




Laptops have an important built-in advantage over tablets which is power. These are the powerful devices having dynamic hardware which allows the user to access a wide range of uses, offers faster performance and a multi-tasking option. Laptops can easily be used for web browsing and live media streaming and performs other basic functions from data entry to complex job like video and photo editing.

Games and office functions are the major tasks for which laptops are mostly used for. Due to faster processors and amazing graphics tablets can’t even touch the performance offered by the laptops. The other most important factor that makes laptops king is the storage. Where tablets offer storage capacity of 16 GB to 32 GB, an average laptop comes with 500 GB or even more. The slimmest laptops having smaller SSDs like Apple MacBook Air 11 inch features 128 GB can beat tablets in case of storage space.

An addition to the benefits mentioned above, laptops offer optical drives for Blue ray discs or DVD’s, slots for SD cards, portable drives with which you can have a huge amount of data in your hand.

Don’t forget the form factor; laptops come with built in mouse and keyboard with which you can type and perform tasks that needs mouse comfortably that you can do using desktops. Touch screens are not accurate in offering a similar level of control that mouse does, while with keyboards you can easily enter text and status updates. A keyboard is very important for typing purpose and mouse plays a vital part in swapping the windows, clicking on the links, while the touch screen is not that efficient in performing this. This is the important part of your workplace that offers convenience and makes your day easier.

Here now comes the part of peripherals and ports. The devices, laptops and tablets come with loads of accessories with them, laptops are offered in compatible USB ports, HDMI outputs and other ample amount of features-which are sufficient to perform almost every task just like the equipped PC. Laptops are very easy and comfortable to choose as they come in a wide range of choice from keyboards to storage devices and webcams.

Final Verdict

If you want to work seriously at a work place and need a powerful device or multitasking, performing the works with ease, compatible device for your storage accessory there is no other better alternative for laptop. Tablets are no doubt in new technology and can fulfil some of the requirements but when it comes to get the things done in a right way, laptops still carry a hold.



When the price of the laptops is considered, the starting price of a basic laptop is $500 and it starts going up from here, while tablets are very affordable, with a few exceptions. The 4th generation Apple iPad start from $500 but Apple is not the only one leader, there are others like Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle fire which not only cut down the prices to half also make the tablets most affordable option over laptops.

Tablets are nowhere less than laptops as compared to browsing, media, games and official work. Windows tablets are also available in the market but they are exceptions to this affordable pricing as they have OS similar to the PC including the form factor. The tablets running on OS like Android and iOS can be bought for less than $300 and the advanced windows tablets are available at prices starting from $400 and might go up to $1000.

When it comes to the design of the tablets i.e touch screen, its impressive in built. The icon-based designed laptops are very convenient and easier to use for those who are accessing this technology for the first time. The gestures like swapping among the numbers of the tabs and selecting one among them is easy to grasp as compared to clicking on the windows and navigating among the opened files. There are many tablets that offer multi-tasking with which you can jump from one app to the other and also kill the unnecessary running apps. It becomes very convenient to swap from one app to the other without closing it so that you can access it whenever you want.

The small size of the tablets makes them more handy and mobile, you can carry them with you in handbags with ease. The laptops need big bags to carry them and are so heavy. A tablet can be used anywhere you want as per your need like in kitchen, bedroom, restaurant, library and office as well. Talking about entertainment, these small devices are also good for watching shows, movies, reading eBooks and surfing obviously.

The battery life of these devices is very good as you can work for longer hours once you charge them fully and lasts more than laptops. Where laptops talk about software, tablets make use of apps which provides excellent experience of browsing and any kind of use. They have apps for motion sensors, GPS and data, cameras and touch inputs and what not. Also, apps are much cheaper than the software and most of them are available for free.

If your daily internet needs are just surfing websites, social media and streaming then you should definitely use a tablet considering the features offered by them at competitive prices.


The technology is going far and now the hybrid of laptops and tablets is also available to fill the gap between the capacities of laptop and convenience of tablets. They are available in a wide range of accessories like case stands, keyboards for good typing experience, all focusing on bringing a better technology to the users having an appetite for the latest technologies.

There are plenty of reasons to choose one device over another but it depends on an individual what would he/she like to prefer among a tablet or a laptop.

Top 5 HTC Smartphones To Buy In India

htc phones


HTC is a very strong player in the mobile scene here and has got some great devices in each category. We recently saw some revolutionary devices by HTC and they have always tried to maintain a good quality. We take a look at some of the best devices they have got in stores.


The HTC one was an obvious entry here, right? The phone has got a powerful quad core processor, great GPU, stunning full HD display and an amazing camera.  In fact the camera is one of the best we have seen on mobile devices. They took a bold move forward by putting a 4 megapixel camera with a large sensor while every other manufacturer is hitting for large megapixel count. It also gives you an IR blaster integrated in the power key on top to take control of your IR controlled devices. On software front, the fresh bit on offer is the blink feed they have added to the current version of HTC sense.

Not only the hardware and software are impressive but the design is amazing too. The phone is made out of brushed metal and looks simply amazing. It is great to hold and behold. It is one of the best phones you can buy right now and is available for around 40K in stores.

HTC One X+

This device improved upon the flaws in the HTC One X, adds a few more MHz to the processor and takes up the number of GBs. The HTC One X was one of the very first quad core devices to hit the market and had some flaws. The One X+ packs an even powerful processor, addresses the storage issue and has got a bigger battery. The design has also got a premium feel to it and is considerably better when put against the competition. It uses a semi HD LCD2 panel which has got great colour replication and for that size, the pixel density turns out to be impressive. It has got an 8 megapixel camera which is a decent performer as well. It is available for around 27-28 K at most stores and we feel that the device is actually worth the money.

HTC Butterfly

This was one of the very first phones to have a full HD display and we almost went crazy the very first time we used it. Not only the display but everything else about the phone is cool. It runs a powerful Qualcomm quad core processor coupled with RAM enough to do the duties in your netbook. The display measures at 5 inches and can display full HD resolutions. You get an eight megapixel camera to handle the photography jobs and secondary camera of 2.1 megapixel for your video calls. There won’t be any moment where you would get to complain about the speed of the device. The differences between butterfly and One on paper are just the IR blaster and ultrapixel camera. If you need a device slightly bigger than the One or just want to save a few K bucks, this is the phone for you.


We talked about enough quad core devices already but not everyone needs a quad core. For those who need a decent looking device without much power under the hood, this is a nice pick. This phone was overshadowed as it came out with HTC One X which was much powerful and stole all the light. The phone hasn’t got very special design but it is made out of aluminum which makes it feel robust. It has got a 4.3 inch display having a resolution 540 x 960 which gives a decent pixel density. But that pixel density doesn’t replicate well in real world. The display doesn’t feel as good as it should but still an average user won’t be able to spot the difference. It has got an 8 megapixel camera with LED flash. The rest of the hardware fares up well. It has got a QUALCOMM dual core processor running at 1.5 GHz coupled with a GB of RAM which is plenty to keep the phone running smooth and handle most jobs with ease. This might just be dual core but it can give biggies a run for their money. The graphics are handled by Adreno 225 GPU which can handle the job well. This phone has been there for a while now and you will find it at a decent price.

HTC Desire X

Now some might be with the options listed above and will go pick one out of them. But there are a lot of people who just need a basic android device. Gone are the times when a single core with 256 MB RAM was plenty. Now to handle even the basic messaging and social apps, you need a dual core coupled with a decent amount of RAM to do the job. This one is a 4inch device weighing just 114 gms so your hands would love the size. Under the lightweight body, it has got a dual core processor running at 1 GHz coupled with 768 MB of RAM. For your mild photography jobs, you get a decent 5 megapixel snapper with a LED flash. You can find this device in stores for around 14-15 K so it is a nice pick on HTC mobiles.

Three Up-and-coming Samsung Tablets



Nothing can be surer than the imminent success of tablets. These handheld devices, which are a cross between the smaller Smartphone and the bigger laptops, combine some of the best features from both worlds. They provide users with a larger screen by which it is easier to type and to navigate various apps such as those that involve document and presentation-making.

The tablets also serve as a technological hub that is used by consumers to organize various apps to respond to the various concerns of their everyday lives. It is also equipped with communication features that allow you to perform such functions as basic call and text, Web browsing, and accessing your cloud-computing storage among others. It can also be used as an entertainment device such as playing games and watching your favorite movies.

One of the well-known names when it comes to producing quality tablets is Samsung Electronics. This Korean company has given the world such amazing devices as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, among others.

As if Samsung is bent on saturating the market with tablets that fall in various price points, the company is continuously releasing a number of devices. Three of the newest additions to the repertoire of slates by Samsung are the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (7-inch) the Samsung Galaxy tab 3 (8-inch) and the Samsung Galaxy Ativ Tab 3. If you want to know more about these devices, we provided a preview below for your perusal.

A full-fledged Windows tablet from Samsung

The Samsung Ativ Tab 3 is a 10” slate from Samsung that runs on full-fat Windows 8 operating system. Other specifications of this device are as follows.

  • This tablet does not deviate much from the design principles of other Samsung Galaxy tablets. It has similar size that is enclosed in a glossy white plastic shell. The back of the device is an expanse of plain white, with shiny, chrome-effect edging that surrounds the frame. It also sports the high-gloss appearance of other Samsung Galaxy tablets.
  • Samsung claims that this tablet is the world’s thinnest measuring only 8.2mm in thickness. If you are worrying that this device might be a little fragile, its 550g weight will more than compensate for the supposed fragility.
  • The display specs of this device are a letdown with its 10.1” screen having a resolution of 1366 x 768p. Good thing that the Windows 8 interface is sufficiently sharp.
  • This device will be fitted with an Intel Atom processor.

A low-priced Samsung tablet with a corresponding mid-range specs

The 7-inch version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 costs only $199 but there are compromises when it comes to specifications.

  • This tablet will only have a resolution of 1024 x 600p for its 7” panel. Meanwhile, it comes with a paltry 8GB of onboard storage.
  • Fortunately, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is replete with features. It has a MicroSD card slot that can take as much as 64GB of additional memory. In addition, it also comes with an IR blaster to serve as a remote control.
  • Performance-wise, this tablet has as Marvell PXA 986 1.2GHz CPU that is partnered with 1GB of RAM. It features an Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system. It sports a 3MP rear-facing camera and a 1.3MP front-camera.

The 8-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

For an additional $100, you can upgrade your 7-inch Galaxy Tab 3 to an 8-inch model. This tablet has a higher-resolution screen that packs 1280 x 800p resolutions. It features an Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS and an Exynos 4212 1.5GHz dual-core processor that is coupled with 1.5GB of RAM. It is equipped with a 5MP rear shooter and a 1.3MP front-facing snapper.

Author’s Bio:

Henry Conrad is a 29-year-old game developer from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Aside from gaming and being a tech junky, he also dabbles in creative writing, which allows him to create great storylines and backgrounds for his characters and he always checks for New RingCentral deals.

Make Full Fun with Your Gadgets

fun with gadgets


Gadgets are the most ideal things that we live with, day-in and day-out. We are so much dependent on these gadgets in the recent days to make every move in our lives. Gadgets include all variety of electrical and electronic stuff that we use for our activities. These may be a kitchen gadget such as a refrigerator or microwave, an entertainment gadget such as television or home theatre and so on, a communication device such as a mobile phone, travel gadgets such as cameras, and so on.

With all the updates and advancements in technology, gadgets are almost indispensable stuff in our life. We all believe that we cannot even survive without these gadgets, which makes our lives mechanical and we all are a part of this race of the competitive world. So, it is vital that we look at these gadgets as ways of involving ourselves in way to make them a factor of fun. This will help make our living better and stress-free.

The first and foremost gadgets that act as priority in modern lifestyle is those used for communication purposes. We often use a variety of gadgets ranging from the simplest land line used at home, till a smartphone used for all purposes. In the recent trend, smartphones are used for all purpose of communication, which includes internet functionality, long distance calling, video calling and other advanced features and applications. These gadgets can being a lot of fun which is based on how, when and where they are being used. These phones have many games and funny applications that can bring changes to your stressful day.

Most people have a thought that only communication devices could act as fun factors. But at the same time we must keep in mind that we use even other devices as mentioned earlier. Even kitchen gadgets such as microwave can be used in an innovative and creative way. If every woman tries to make creative recipes with such gadgets, then even cooking becomes fun. Likewise, entertainment gadgets such as home theaters and televisions can be used for creating a fun environment around you and thus making your stressful lives far better.

Although we have a lot of advantages in using all these gadgets for balancing our daily routine, we need to use the right one at the right time. We need to choose gadgets that are user-friendly and that can bring delight to the purpose that they are being used for.

Let me recite an instance that will help you make gadgets, pleasant and fun things to use. A student studying at a college stayed alone in a hostel and had to take care of his daily routine, all by himself. He had all gadgets around him to make his work easier. He has a microwave and an electric stove to cook,  a dishwasher to clean up his vessels and other stuff, a completely automatic washing machine to wash his clothes, a car to travel, a smartphone with all required applications for communication, a laptop for his study purposes. At one point of time in his life, this guy feels that he has started becoming very lazy and boring since everything has made him run everyday like a machine. He decided to make every walk of his life interesting. He gets everything managed by an automated remote control system with all activities set by time. Initially everything happened in a very confused and disorganized way. As and when things got streamlined, this guy started to spend more time on games and listening to music. He makes everything interesting and a fun way of looking at his life.

Keeping in mind, the health effects that prolonged usage of particular gadgets could cause, you need to analyze and understand the need and advantage of them and this will enable you to save money when you prevent buying unnecessary gadgets. Also, it is very important that you need to spend more time with your family which will make your life pleasant. To conclude, I would suggest people to look at gadgets with creativity and use them wherever, whenever, however only when required and make more fun out of them.

Gadgets would always say “Why Fear When I Am Here!” But we need to understand and re-word the same dialogue as “Why Fear When I Am Here Only When Required!”, and not make it “Fear When I Am Always Here!”. So, make full fun with your gadgets to make everything around you interesting and wonderful.

About The Author: Gianna is a professional writer and a blogger. She has contributed articles on social media, wordpress, technology etc. But now she is focus writing article on Amplify